This photo was taken on X street late one night.  I saw the older man walking past the younger group on the right and thought of taking his picture.  Not being ready at first, by the time I took the photo he was some distance away from the other group, but in this instance serendipity brought an advantage as it brought about a much better picture.  Though shot digitally, the graininess and high contrast seem to add to the composition and give it a filmic quality.  I see no reason why street photography has to be in black and white, so I left it as I originally saw it.  Several times I've converted it to black and white, but I liked it more in color.  Normally I would have cropped an image like this on top and bottom to give it a more wide-angle "panoramic" sweep, but the blue light above and the long jagged crack in the pavement stopped me.  These seemed to add to the "story" of the image, so I left it in the present "portrait" orientation with the light and the pavement included.

The print you see was printed using Hahnemuhle's German Etching paper, an archival-quality ink-jet paper that is rated to achieve a 100+ year lifespan if kept in archival preservation conditions. 

Shooting specs: 



Camera: Canon G-15


Shutter Speed: